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n. Ditch, canal


Wood: Mango

This pair is especially unique for its mismatched colors. Both pieces came from the same piece of wood and have suble orange and auburn flame patterns that run naturally in the wood. If you want something eye cathing and unique this is the set for you. It is a natural represntation of how as humans we are complex and made up of many different parts, so are trees.


ʻAuwai was created using the Pewa, or fishtail joint design. This design wraps around the pick to represent that our waterways are all connected. The Pewa is used in wood working to repair cracks in canoes. I was called to create this design as a form of bringing attention to the red hill water crisis. Water is sacred. Water is life and all water on Oʻahu is connected. Where there is one contamination, there is contamination that impacts everyone. In the ahapuaʻa system, ʻauwai and water ways were upheld and protected because our ancestors understood that without water we cannot live.  #shutdownredhill

ʻAuwai on Milo

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