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Moʻolelo behind ʻIke Kumu

 Aloha Nui Kākou!

I graduated college in 2018 with a BAS in sustainable community food systems from the University of Hawaiʻi West Oʻahu. I moved home after devastating flooding struck impacted the east and north shore community of Kauaʻi. I was called to serve my community by working with frontline organizations such as Mālama Kauaʻi. Over the last few years I have worked for various non-profit organizations such as Waipā Foundation, Limahuli Gardens,  and Mālama Hulēʻia. Through my work with these organizations and reconnecting with kupuna, ʻāina,  and kaiāulu; I was gifted with experiences and ʻike that can only come from either being in the place or making an effort to seek out that knowledge.

ʻIke1. nvt. To see, know, feel, greet, recognize, perceive, experience, be aware, understanding

Kumu: 1. Bottom, base, foundation, source, main stalk of a tree, trunk

ʻIke Kumu was created as a way for me to physically share these stories and research of our home with my community. My mission is to create wearable art that carries designs rich in knowledge the customer will be proud to wear and share. I hope to create art that will empower and equip customer with place names, moʻolelo, and even the names of the winds or rain of places dear to them.  

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