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Pahu Moanaliha


Pahu Moanaliha is a term that is stated in the Kumulipo, a procreation chant that states how all things in this reality was created. In the 8th chapter of this chant. Lines 614-619 talk about the order in which our gods (natural phenomena) are born and show how they are all interconnected.-Hānau ka Pahu O moanaliha-Born is the aquifer Kawamaʻaukele ko laua hope mai- Born are the surrounding forests. I was called to create this design as a form of bringing attention to the red hill water crisis. Water is sacred. Water is life and all water on Oʻahu is connected. Where there is 1 contamination, there is contamination that impacts everyone. My naʻau aches worrying about my friends and family on Oʻahu. I hope that those who choose to carry this design are able to bring awareness to the crisis in their own way.

Pahu moanaliha on mango

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